10 Types of Chairs for Beautiful Home

10 Types of Chairs for Beautiful Home

Have you ever set foot in a room that gives off such a distinctive ambiance that you can feel something different in its air? You might think it’s in the shade of paint used on the walls or how the sunlight illuminates the room. But actually, the things that provide the most impact when characterizing an area are the architecture and furniture.

One of the simplest yet best ways to give life to a space is by bringing in an accent chair to serve as an eye-catching point in a room. Not only does it offer additional seating, but it also gives personality and style, which can change or add to the overall ambiance.

Putting just any chair wouldn’t essentially give life to a room. It would be best to consider what style you’re going for and what variety would connect to you more. To help you choose, here are ten types of chairs that might include the one you’re looking for.

  1. Rocking chair

A rocking chair has two curved bands at the legs, allowing it to rock back and forth. Because of this, it’s an excellent option if you want comfort as it would soothe you and might even help lull you to sleep. Moreover, its design isn’t stuck back in time as you can now choose from several rocking chair designs that can complement your room, whether you want it to look modern or traditional.

2. Club chair

A club chair is an upholstered armchair with a typically oversized design made of leather or fabric. This type of chair doesn’t have arms. Before being called a club chair, it was meant as a comfortable armchair due to its paddings and cushions. Nowadays, it comes in different shapes, colors, and coverings.

3. Tulip chair

Its sleek design might be a good choice if you want a modern look. Its single central pole instead of the typical four legs brings a minimalist appearance to the tulip chair. The fiberglass’s reinforced plastic bonded finish on the upper shell adds to its classy look. However, you don’t need to worry about seat comfort as it has a removable upholstered foam cushion.

4. Louis Ghost chair

True to its name, the Louis Ghost chair is a transparent chair made of polycarbonate plastic. Although transparent, you might think it wouldn’t do much to your room. But because of this specific feature, it can catch even more attention for its uniqueness. Your space will also look spacious, thanks to this transparent chair!

5. Egg chair

An egg chair or elliptical upholstered chair is a chair type with unparalleled comfort due to its high sides, cradling cushion, and shaped backrest. It has a relaxing feature once you curl up on the chair, making you feel like you’re in a cocoon. Moreover, it serves as a beautiful accent chair because of its design, which is unique yet classy.

6. Malawi chair

This beautifully crafted Malawi chair is rich in history as it’s the traditional chair made by people from Malawi, which started centuries ago. It includes the main frame from Malawi bamboo and a body woven with water reeds. Malawi chair adds exoticness to the overall look of a room because of these features. Moreover, its proportions make it a comfortable seat despite its woven look.

7. Ball chair

Because of its unique style, the ball chair will surely catch the attention of anyone who might enter the room. A ball chair looks like half of a ball with cushions inside. The outer layer of the chair is fiberglass, giving it a classy touch, while the inside has upholstered quality fabrics. Moreover, the cushion inside makes it a comfortable spot to relax.

8. Windsor chair

A Windsor chair is a wooden chair with a backrest and armrest composed of multiple thin spindles. The back is also hoop-shaped to support the back and leave the user comfortable. Overall, it’s almost a typical yet minimalist chair, which can complete the look of your room. Whether you prefer a rustic theme, a modern one, or nearly any kind, the chair’s vibe can change depending on its color.

9. Wiggle side chair

The wiggle side chair is a piece of eccentrically designed furniture composed of scrap cardboard. It’s a chair that you might not see as one because of its strange shape, but it’s elegant nonetheless. Because of these features, the wiggle side chair can immediately catch attention and bring character to a room.

10. Loveseat

A loveseat or a two-seater couch typically has upholstered seats to accommodate just two persons. Despite its name, it doesn’t specifically only cater to lovers and such. It’s like a crossbreed of a chair and a sofa. It provides the upholstered comfort of a couch. However, it’s typically smaller, making it similar to a chair. 

If you have a larger space and would like a larger seating capacity, this can serve as your accent chair as its designs vary from traditional to modern.

Characterize Your Home

Decorating your home is a fun and exciting thing to do. If you think your room is on the simple side of architectural design, don’t fret, as you can still enhance and add personality to the room by including personal touches in the form of furniture. However, picking the furniture is one of the most complex parts as it can make or break the whole concept you have in mind.

To enhance the look of your room, you can put an accent chair that compliments the other furnishings but stands out enough to catch your attention. You can choose from various choices, varying from the traditional style club chair and the relaxing style rocking chair to the unique ones like the wiggle side chair. The list above contains some designs that might pique your interest.

Your room needs not to be typical to have that cozy home vibe. A few unique touches and eye-catching objects, like an accent chair, can take the vibe into a 360 turn, giving it more character and personality.

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