4 Tips to Care for Your Reindeer Hide Rug

10 Tips to care for your reindeerhide | by Eline Van Breda | Medium

Reindeer rugs are becoming a more popular choice for interior decoration. You can place them on the floor, on a wall, or furniture. Reindeer rugs are very versatile, which is an excellent reason to visit Hide Rugs and buy one. The downside to having a beautiful, natural reindeer rug in your home is you have to take care of it. The following are tips to take care of your reindeer rug:

Air the Rug

When you purchase a new reindeer rug, you should expect it to lose hair with continued use. There will also be the accumulation of dust over time. Vacuuming the rug will help, but you should use a low setting to avoid damaging the rug.

However, some hairs and dust can be lodged in the rug, making them difficult to remove. Therefore, you should take out your reindeer rug at least once a week and air it out. Comb the reindeer rug with a small rug and remove the loose hairs. Shake it vigorously to remove the dirt from the rug.

Regularly airing the rug will also prevent mold from accumulating in it.

Avoid Heat

To properly take care of your reindeer rug, you should avoid putting it near high heat. Extreme heat will cause the rug’s leather to dry out, making it more likely for the rug to release more hairs. The heat from a fireplace or heater can also burn the hairs on a reindeer rug causing your rug to fade and stiffen, which is something you do not want.

The rug should also not be in direct sunlight as with time, the heat will have adverse effects too. The main reason to avoid heat is to keep the leather supple and the hairs dense and colorful. Therefore, a wall without direct sunlight is the best place for a reindeer rug.

Vacuum the Rug

Airing the rug does a lot of good, but you should also vacuum it. However, you should only use the vacuum cleaner on the hairy side of the reindeer rug. Because a vacuum cleaner produces heat, it could damage the leather on the underside of the rug. Vacuum the rug in the same direction as the hairs lie to prevent any damage.

Use a low setting, because the hairs on a reindeer rug break very easily. If you use a high-power setting repeatedly, the rug will soon lose its fullness. Combing the rug’s hair after vacuuming is also recommended.

Avoid Traffic

Reindeer rugs are some of the most delicate animal skin rugs, so you should put them somewhere without a lot of traffic. The less traffic, the easier it will be to take care of the rug. Therefore, places with a lot of traffic, like the living room are bad for reindeer rugs.

Foot traffic, in particular, is very detrimental to reindeer rugs. If you put one on the floor, it should be somewhere where people and pets will not walk on it.

Taking care of a reindeer rug is a lot of work but worth it. Use the above tips to take proper care of your rug. If you do, you will have a beautiful rug for years. Visit Hide Rugs for high-quality reindeer rugs.

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