Linden Palais: a luxury Berlin coworking space designed by Norm Architects

Linden Palais: a luxury Berlin coworking space designed by Norm Architects

The Linden Palais is the latest coworking space project by the office group by the hand of renowned Norm Architects in the former French embassy in Berlin. The coworking space is located in a historic building on Unter den Linden which was later extended by David Chipperfield architects. The space has a relaxed atmosphere that promotes community for entrepreneurs, freelancers, or startups.

This luxurious design haven is not your regular coworking space, to say the least, have a look!

A beautiful kitchen designed by Norm Architects in a coworking space in Berlin

Linden Palais coworking space Berlin

Linden Palais is probably the most luxurious coworking space berlin has to offer at the moment and it offers office spaces of diverse sizes. Similar to other Berlin coworking spaces, features can be rented and adapted according to changing requirements and a solution can be composed of several services including hot desks, fixed desks, meeting rooms, or also virtual offices. Along with regular amenities offered in any coworking space, the building also offers open kitchens, lounge areas, a spacious roof terrace, and a courtyard.

The palace version of Berlin coworking spaces

The original building was completed in 1908 and is it’s one of the few Berlin historic locations that wasn’t destroyed during WWII. The coworking space’s exclusive location tells stories of time and has striking original ornaments, mosaics, stucco, and marble inlays.

The color palette of the interior is inspired by the colors of the original entrance ceiling: a warm palette of heavy colors brought to life by marble, gold, wood, and stone, which have been interpreted by the designers in more subtle color references to obtain a minimal look. The contrast between the historical details and the modern minimal elegance in the space is simply striking.

The lobby: perfect for networking events

The historic authenticity of the building was a big inspiration for the designers at Norm Architects, which they aimed to highlight in a contemporary way. The ground floor of the coworking space, which is opened towards the boulevard, has a grey-tiled floor that resembles the pavement outside.

Concrete floors and tactile industrial materials emphasize the reference to the city on the ground floor. The reception and lounge spaces can be experienced as an outdoor space with reference to the trees outside. The ground includes an open public space and more enclosed work zones, forming an experience of moving between exterior and interior spaces.

The majestic lobby of a luxurious coworking space in Berlin
The majestic lobby of a luxurious coworking space in Berlin

Coworking spaces in a heritage apartment

The second floor of the lobby of the Berlin coworking space has been covered in oak wood and is characterized by Herringbone flooring, detailed paneling, and arched windows.

The space combines a beautiful kitchen, flexible desks, and a lounge area that aims to invite collaboration. The striking contemporary design language is complemented by artworks that decorate the wall and rugs and bookcases that accentuate the homey feeling of the coworking space.

The kitchen, living room, and library

The Linden Palais coworking space spreads out over four floors was designed to awake a feeling of domesticity, hence the names of the coworking spaces: kitchen, living room, and library.

Nowadays, working remotely is part of everyday life, hence the newfound comfort and elegant feel-good atmosphere of the different coworking spaces and offices. Coworking is a nice change of pace from working in your private home and can be especially inspiring for solo entrepreneurs.

A beautiful kitchen designed by Norm Architects in a coworking space in Berlin

The top floor: meeting rooms and a conference room in a dark color palette

The top floor has a dark color and material palette, which is contrasted by the abundance of daylight coming through the rooftop windows. The dark wall panels add a tactile and stimulating sensation to the space and enhance existing architectural features like the herringbone parquet floor.

On the top floor, you can find open-plan offices, remote working locations, meeting rooms, and conference rooms for collaboration in a quiet environment, with minimal distractions for optimal productivity. The curtains you see in the meeting rooms help with the acoustics and add a beautiful tactile touch to the space.

The rooftop terrace located in Chipperfield’s extension is the perfect spot for events, or for hosting workshops in summer or after-hour cocktails with like-minded night owls.

A beautiful kitchen designed by Norm Architects in a coworking space in Berlin

A coworking space with Norm Architects’ signature

While coworking spaces are public spaces and therefore are designed in a certain way so it’s comfortable for a community of people with many different needs and additional services, I think you can clearly see the signature design style of Norm Architects, which is also visible in their private projects.

You can clearly see a resemblance between the Linden Palais coworking space, this private residence, this private residence, and the beautiful New Mags flagship store in Copenhagen. I love that even though this Berlin project is of a much larger scale, the design language integrity is clearly present.

Photography by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen & Sandie Lykke Nolsøe

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