5 Cost-Effective Ways to Make Your Old Home Look Expensive

5 Cost-Effective Ways to Make Your Old Home Look Expensive

Anyone going through a home interior catalog is bound to come across lovely designs that appear to have been skillfully crafted, exquisitely maintained, and are, well, pricey. However, this does not imply that you must spend lots of money to achieve an expensive appearance.


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If you’re on a budget, there are several things you can do to give your home a fresh, opulent look.

What Is An “Expensive Interior” Supposed To Look Like?

If you’re unsure what “expensive” looks like, you can definitely educate yourself by being watchful.

Consider using upscale hotels as a source of inspiration. Think of your favorite or a previous hotel that you visited. What features stood out to you as unique and left a lasting impression? These are some of the resources that we intend to explore.

Look at the color palettes, materials, furniture designs, and room arrangements. In addition to noting what strikes a personal chord with you, look for commonalities. These are the items you need to buy and the looks you need to try to emulate in your own home.

The 5 Ways of Making Your House Look Expensive

Open Up the Living Space

Do you want to expand your space without renovating? Suspend a mirror! A well-placed mirror can actually give the impression that a room is larger and brighter because it reflects light, even though the extra space is simply an optical illusion.

To reflect as much light as possible, it is preferable to hang your mirror across from or close to a window.

Try Out New Hardware

This advice might sound obvious, but it’s one of the best improvements you can make to a room, especially when a thorough renovation is out of the question.

The kitchen and bathroom are the places where this will make the most noteworthy mark. You may change the faucets and cabinet hardware to give your space an entirely new and fresh feel.

Replacing the curtain rods, furniture knobs, lamp plates, plug covers, and doorknobs is also a part of updating your hardware.

These tiny additions, especially if you shop about them, can significantly alter the look of a home for very little money.

Utilize Live Plants and Florals

Adding vitality to your home by using house plants to fill in bare corners is another time-tested tip. Simply make sure that the plants you choose are big enough to occupy the space they are in. If the plant and pot are not proportioned suitably, a large plant in a statement planter may pretend to be amazingly high-end, but this will not actually have the desired effect.

But if you don’t like to keep lots of plants, you can get flowers from the florist or even the local store and display them throughout the house.

You can expand one bouquet by dividing it into a few smaller ones and then dispersing them around the house. It avoids the impression that you purchased the bouquet specifically to be displayed and instead makes it feel more at home.

If flowers seem excessive or are expensive where you live, simply go outside with a pair of scissors and cut some fresh greenery from a shrub or tree outdoors.

Get the Window Treatments Right

Full-length curtains give a room a considerably more personalized and opulent sense. But more importantly, hanging your curtain rods higher will give the appearance of taller ceilings, and luxurious interiors are obviously connected with high ceilings.

If you’re using curtains, make sure to hang the rod far and high and at maximum length.

Go for a Neutral Base

Make sure your main, basic components are neutral-toned to ensure the preservation of a luxurious impression. Many lavish settings start with neutral furniture and then add pattern and color with accessories and textiles.

Long-term financial savings are achievable by replacing pillowcases, quilts, paintings, and even carpeting rather than purchasing new couches and furniture every few years.

What types of loans you can take for home renovation?

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Also, if you’re on a budget but feel like giving the house a new look, make sure you try these tips and tricks! Thank you for reading! Share this article to create awareness.

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