Best portable lamps for the modern interior

Best portable lamps for the modern interior

Portable lamps are a must-have in my interior as they are an easy way to add instant coziness to any setting. There is really no need for a wall outlet, which makes them suitable to be placed in spots like a bookshelf or they can also be used outdoors.

I have listed the best portable lamps for you below and if you are looking to introduce one in your home, I have good news: they are available in many different sizes, and shapes, from different brands with whom many great designers have given their own touch to the cordless lamp.

Portable lamps are usually a smaller version of a table lamp, which turns them into rechargeable lanterns on the lowest setting adding coziness in any corner, or into task lamps and a great addition on a desk or as a night light next to your bed when utilizing the highest brightness levels. So many possibilities!

Best portable lamps for the modern interior

Como designed by Space Copenhagen for &Tradition

The Como portable table lamp designed by Space Copenhagen for &Tradition is crafted from anodized aluminum and its sturdy tapered base with the mushroom-shaped shade comes in five finishes. The rechargeable lamp features a magnetic USB cable and has a battery life of 11 hours at the highest setting.

Torso portable lamp designed by Krøyer-Sætter-Lassen for Menu Space

The Torse table lamp designed by Krøyer-Sætter-Lassen for the danish brand Menu Space has found its way into many modern homes ever since it came out a few years back. The cordless lamp is a miniature version of the popular design which takes design inspiration from childhood homes filled with handmade objects. This small light brings a cozy and intimate atmosphere to tabletops, replacing the need for candlelight. The Torso cordless lamps come with a brass-plated sensor which enables you to turn the lamp on and off with the tap of a finger.

Arca Portable lamp designed by Philippe Malouin for Matter Made

The iconic Arca collection’s newest addition is a portable lamp that can be used for reading or as a task lamp when plugged in, yet can also run on its rechargeable batteries so you can take it with you.  The Arca portable lamp is designed by Philippe Malouin for Matter Made and is one of the best portable lamps when you are looking for a big-size table lamp that you can also use without a cord.

Follow me Lamp designed by Inma Bermúdez for Marset

The Marset follow me lamp is a portable lamp designed by Inma Bermúdez, and being the pioneer in portable lighting, it has become a true design icon in a very short time. The oak handle invites you to pick the lamp up and the lamp shade can be tilted so the light can be directed to what you are reading. This portable led lamp is now available in several colors, and the wood handle is painted for a modern effect.

Obello table lamp designed by Bill Curry for Gubi

The Obello portable table lamp designed by Bill Curry for Gubi has a frosted, mouth-blown glass shade and an iconic design that makes a strong statement in your interior. It can be used as a centerpiece on the table or a light point in your outdoor space. Curry based his design for the Obello collection on the form of a mushroom, taking inspiration from the atomic age, the space race, and pop culture-defining 1970s Los Angeles. The frosted glass casts a diffused light in the room for an ambient glow and cozy effect which makes it an ideal bedside lamp as well.

Kizu portable lamp designed by Lars Tornøe for New Works

The Kizu portable lamp is a smaller version of the popular table lamp which has a beautiful sculptural composition. The polished marble base (available in black, grey, or white) has natural stability and feels comfortable to the touch. The opaque lamp shade casts light into the space, which makes this one of the best cordless lamps if you want a high light output.

Hashira portable lamp designed by Norm Architects for Menu Space

The Hashira Collection consists of a table lamp, wall lamp, pendants, and a floor lamp, with the portable version being the smallest of the collection that takes cues from Japanese paper lanterns. The lamp adds an ambient atmosphere to the interior and it’s probably one of the best portable lamps for a Japandi-style interior. The battery life is similar to the other cordless lamps from the brand at 10 hours when fully charged.

Camellia portable light by Andre Fu Living

The Camellia design is probably one of the best portable lamps for a classy interior as it is inspired by the poetic silhouette of an ivory camellia flower, hence the name. It has a subtle art deco touch and provides an ambient glow in your home. The cordless lamps in the collection are customizable with Cartier gold or polished gold with a grey or white lampshade.

PC portable lamp designed by Pierre Charpin for HAY

The PC portable lamp is constructed in robust plastic with a matte scratch and water-resistant finish, which makes it one of the best portable lamps for outdoor use. The portable light has both downlight and ambient brightness levels and is available in a variety of color variants: full black, full olive green, or different colors on one design for a more playful effect.

‘Manhatten’ designed by Space Copenhagen for &Tradition

The Manhatten portable lamp designed by Space Copenhagen for &Tradition has an industrial-style base made out of anodized aluminum and a cream canvas lampshade. The cordless lamp has three brightness settings and the battery lasts eleven hours at the highest brightness.

Pantop by Verner Panton for Verpan

The elegant Pantop line has recently been enhanced by a series of cordless lamps in 12 different colors. The Pantop series was designed by Verner Panton in 1980 and is a staple piece in the collection of Danish design brand Verpan. The bell-like shade is facing down, which allows you to create a cozy atmosphere in any room. The light can be dimmed with a three-stage dimmer and reacts to touch controls on the top of the lamp.

JWDA portable table lamp designed by Jonas Wagell for Menu Space

The classic JWDA table lamp is now also available in a cordless lamps verion and just like the original design, it is inspired by traditional oil lamps and made out of contrasting materials. A full charge gives you 10 hours of adjustable light and the lamp charges via a concealed magnetic connecter and USB cable.

‘Raku’ designed by Sebastian Herkner for & Tradition

The Raku cordless lamp is designed by Sebastian Herkner for &Tradition and is named after the traditional Japanese pottery technique. Raku is a compact lamp with a hand-sculpted ceramic base with a crackle glaze that varies slightly in each piece, combined with a bronze or brass lampshade.

‘Bellhop’ designed by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby for Flos

The Bellhop cordless lamp has no less than 24 hours of battery life and has 4 brightness settings. The lamp was originally designed for the London Design Museum and it is characterized by the designers themselves as a modern-day candle, because of the atmosphere it casts around itself.

‘Bicoca’ designed by Christophe Mathieu for Marset

Christophe Mathieu designed the Bicoca light with the optimism of brightening life as a companion to the good times, wherever you go. It’s an intimate light that adds warmth to your personal space and it’s made out of polycarbonate in a variety of colors.

‘Carrie’ portable lamp designed by Norm Architects for Menu Space

Carrie is a sleek, functional lamp with a handle and a sphere of light that is nestled within the base, which allows you to take the lamp with you anywhere. The warm, ambient light can be adjusted to three different brightness levels and with a full charge, it can last up to 10 hours on the highest setting.

Panthella portable designed by Verner Panton for Louis Poulsen

Verner Panton designed the Panthella series in collaboration with Louis Poulsen in 1971. The collection consists of a floor lamp and different sizes of table lamps (read more about the Panthella mini here). Panthella stands out as one of Panton’s most significant design icons and its organic shape mirrors the soft light. The Panthella portable is available in a regular and a metal version.

‘Setago’ designed by Jamie Hayon for &Tradition

‘Seta’ means mushroom in Spanish, which describes the mushroom-like proportions of the Setago cordless design lamp perfectly. Setago is designed by Jaime Hayon and can be placed anywhere in your interior. The cord-free light has a discreet gold touch sensor dimmer with 3 brightness levels and comes in 3 beautiful color combinations. I own this lamp and on the lowest setting, it’s almost like a cozy candlelight in your interior.

Ray portable table lamp designed by Daniel Schofield for Menu Space

The distinctive silhouette of the Ray table lamp is inspired by antique mining lamps, yet the modern design has been simplified to its essence. The powder-coated metal handle makes it easy to carry the lamp around so it can be used wherever it is most needed. The energy-saving LED bulb has three brightness settings and the lamp is available in black or dusty green.

‘Caret’ designed by Matteo Fogale for &Tradition

The Caret portable lamp designed by Matteo Fogale for &Tradition is designed as a solution for the blurred boundaries between work and home. The portable light is inspired by traditional lighting with the classic green shade, known as ‘bankers lamps’ found in old libraries. The lamp has a modern touch and a timeless aesthetic courtesy of the lacquered steel available in two colors.

‘Cestita’ by Santa & Cole

The classic Cestita table lamp is on my wishlist for a very long time and is now available with a built-in battery as well. The Cestita lamp set, which includes table and floor lamps in different sizes is designed by Miguel Milá and the cordless lamps are available in olive green or black aluminum, or as a wood version. The robust yet lightweight lamp can be used indoors and outdoors.

‘Pepa’ designed by Francesco Faccin for Astep

Pepa has a solid wood shell surrounding the technology inside, which marries traditional craft with modern technology. The design is inspired by a pepper grinder and just like you would hold and twist to add pepper to your plate, the light is held and twisted to add light to your interior.

Flowerpot portable version designed by Verner Panton for &Tradition

The classic Flowerpot design is available as a floor lamp, pendant, table lamp, and now also a cordless lamp. Flowerpot is designed by Verner Panton and the cordless lamps are just slightly smaller in size than the corded lamps. The rounded pendant that hangs from the semi-domed upper shade is available in 15 different colors, can be recharged via a USB port, and is deliberately lightweight so it can add a cozy atmosphere to both indoor and outdoor settings.

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