Better and More Efficient Fences: Tips On Building A Fence

Better and More Efficient Fences: Tips On Building A Fence

Having a fence in your property can bring so many benefits. It increases your home’s curb appeal, your property’s value and adds so much to the visual aesthetics of your place. Even the most inexpensive yard fences can transform any yard or garden. Building it needs a lot of planning to get the desired execution and results. To make sure you can achieve the perfect fence for your property, here are some tips on building a fence.

Fence Design Plans: Tips On Building A Fence

There are many plans that you can make that would involve how to build a fence. There are obviously differences on how to build a privacy fence from how to build a small fence. There are lots of building plans available to you just as there are many materials. Keep in mind that building any fence follows the same principles. Once you know these building principles, you are set to begin building a fence.

Double Check on Any Permits

It is important to make sure if you would be needing any permits for building a fence. It may not be required for some places but it will save you from future problems after checking with local officials. You can confirm about any building parameters or local ordinances for guidelines. Details like fence height, materials, picket spacing, post footings, and distance from sidewalk or street at times should adhere to some local guidelines.

Build Within Property Boundaries

In order to avoid going over your property boundaries, go over your property’s deed. You would be able to know about where you can place your fences. Not being aware of property lines can cause some misunderstanding between you and your neighbors. If there will be some problems, you would have to remove and relocate your fence again. This would mean you would have to spend for these repairs for both your property and your neighbor’s property. It would also be a good idea to inform your neighbors about your plans of building a fence.

Plan For Well Spaced Fencing

Improper planning can only bring about two results: either your fence posts will be too much or not enough. To avoid this from happening, measure the whole area for fencing and mark the areas where you will place the posts. This would help you to avoid overspending on fencing materials.

To guide you for proper fence spacing, remember that posts should never be more than 8 feet apart. A well spaced fence is a well supported fence. A fence that has too much space between the posts is more prone to damage. It can give in to the elements like strong winds.

Dig Deep For Study Fencing

Do not make the mistake of not placing your fences posts deep in the ground. Fence posts need to be at least 2 feet below the ground, but it can also depend on the height of the fence. You can at least have one-third of the fence in the ground. This can help your fence to withstand bad weather.

Consider Adding Concrete Foundation

If you are wondering what can help wood fencing to last longer, it would be placing them in concrete underground. Related articles and videos on how to build a wooden fence step by step tutorials would recommend this. This protects the wood that is in the ground to not be damaged by moisture. Many wood fences start rotting at the bottom which causes the posts to sag. Setting them over concrete will help them last longer.

Be Wise With Your Materials

Materials affect the life of your fencing. There are many available materials like wood, composite, vinyl, metal, or chain link. Keep in mind that you need to choose the right material. For wood fences, choose good wood like cedar or redwood. Their wood is perfect for outdoor use as they do not rot or warp as easy as other wood. You can also choose materials that have been treated for outdoor use.

Face The Fence In The Right Way

Curb appeal is at stake when your fence is facing the wrong way. It would be best if your fence is facing away from your property. Every part like the posts, rails and pickets need to also appear somewhat “together” for aesthetics.