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T.D.C: Can Roig by Bloomint Design

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Can Roig by Bloomint Design

Based in Barcelona, Bloomint Design Studio works with private and commercial clients around the world, designing spaces that inspire and promote the physical, psychological and emotional well-being of the people who inhabit them. For their Can Roig project, a private home located near the village of Gas Concos in Mallorca, Bloomint Design explored traditional Mallorcan architecture with an innovative look at the use of local materials.

Just a few kilometres from a coastline of beaches with stunning turquoise waters, the traditional architecture of this inland village pays respect to the beautiful natural environment. It was important for Bloomint Design that they find the right balance between the landscape and the new building by choosing colours that would blend in with the materials and textures already present in the surrounding area.

This approach meant connecting with the natural elements of Mallorca, from the inner part of the island, along with its origins. It included the incorporation of materials in their wildest state and those worked for centuries by generations of Mallorcans. Highlighting their colours, textures and the way they have been formed, Bloomint searched for a colour scheme based on materials in their natural state, and in doing this, they achieved a beautiful and sympathetic sense of balance with the environment.

The home’s materiality — a mix of different types of stone extracted from the island — provides incredible warmth and tactility throughout. Together with bespoke furniture solutions, and unique pieces of traditional furniture and art, the spaces foster relationships, awakening the need to inhabit and experience them. 

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