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Habitat announces that homeowners are ditching plates in 2023

Fan of bowl dining? Well it turns out you’re not alone as Habitat revealed in its latest trend report that more and more people are ditching plates for bowl dining and the trend is set to continue into the new year.

In a recent panel discussion with TikTok and YesColours, Habitat revealed their home predictions for the upcoming year. Based on their insights, they’ve gathered that plates look to be losing their status place on the dining room table – and other retailers are seeing the trend come into effect too.

There’s nothing quite like winding down with a home-cooked meal in hand. And with many using the seasonal sales as an opportunity to upgrade their kitchen ideas, it doesn’t hurt to look at dinnerware too.

Habitat Leaf Stoneware Serving Bowl - Matte Black

(Image credit: Habitat)

Habitat predicts ‘bowl dining’ for 2023

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