Here Is How You Can Steer Clear of the Rising Burnout Epidemic 2021

If you are feeling burned out, you need to know that you are not alone in this boat. Employee engagement and well-being are directly connected. The more work engagement is, the more productivity and reduction in burnout will be. It is as simple as that. However, after the 2020 pandemic, things have become difficult to make this equation come into reality.

As per the Gallup reviews, employee engagement and well-being became disconnected from each other. This trend sparked during the 2021 pandemic. It is because the work conditions are in no way favorable for worker engagement. An exhausted workforce is burning the midnight oil but increased working hours and imbalance in work and life balance have caused severe burnout issues.

Workplace Burnout Issues Are on Rising

A new survey by Visier has shown that the pandemic-induced work transition increased burnout and has given way to the burnout epidemic. Employees reported that one of the main reasons for facing increased burnout is that their employers or managers are asking them to take on more work. Other significant contributors include being asked to complete work faster, toxic work culture, and micromanaging. For remote workers, increased burnout issues are also because of not having the right work tools or internet connection to complete work on time. Most of the recently turned remote workers are still unable to understand their internet needs. Without having a clear understanding of how much internet, what speed, and what type of internet plan is best for home, employees can not make efficient progress when working from home.

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More than two-thirds of employees believe that they will leave their current employers if they do not offer comprehensive respect, benefits, support, or created policies to decrease burnout.

In this case, employers can start becoming more flexible and supportive. It is not what we suggest, but the Visier survey concludes this. When asked about the employer’s provided benefits, 39% of the respondents named flexible working hours as the major benefit they expect from their employer. Other respondents believe that they wanted better mental health resources, wellness programs, and paid sick days.

What Is Burn Out and What are the Prevention Methods

In 2019, the World Health Organization described burnout as a medicinal diagnosis. The organization includes the condition in the International Classification of Diseases as a syndrome that occurs due to chronic workplace stress.

Burnout is signified by the following symptoms:

  • A feeling of energy redemption and exhaustion
  • Increased mental distance from colleagues
  • Feeling negative towards your job
  • Reduced professional efficiency

The more severe the burnout is, the more stressed employee feels at work. If a majority of employees in a company are facing burnout that this calls for a solution. Many employees that are facing a hard time at their current job are unable to fulfill professional obligations.

Once the burnout takes hold of you, you will be out of gas, you will let go of the professional challenges, and can not perform your best.

Following are some of the ways that can help in the prevention of burnout.

Practice Radical Self Care

The first and foremost thing that can help in reducing burnout is putting your mental well-being and health above everything and anything. If you do not involve yourself in reducing factors that cause mental health troubles then you can never find a solution. This means that you should always give 100% to things that make you feel better. Make sure that you have a work-life balance which will eventually give you time for self-care.

Lead with Self Compassion

It is important to practice empathy and self companion to yourself and for your colleagues. If you consider yourself as a victim of work stress then you should know that your workplace colleagues might be going through the same condition. The ability to put yourself in the shoes of your workers is called empathy which is something that acts as a powerful tool for yoru own mental health.

If you took a passionate and empathetic approach, it will neutralize the anger and frustration that is building up. Also, it will help you in having a different perspective towards your own challenges.

Ask For Help

You are not the only one going through a tough time with work changes and pandemic. However, you need to focus on your work. Make sure you seek professional help in case the burnout situation gets worse.

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