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For commercial buildings, new construction, and additions, Designer Floors Polished Concrete Floors Perth are quickly rising to the top of the list of must-have surfaces. You must first educate yourself before you can determine how much your polished concrete floor will cost.

Favorable to the environment

For those of us who care about the environment, polished concrete flooring is an excellent option. Every new construction must have concrete placed. The result is that it serves as both your finished floor and a foundation slab. You may keep from having to release extra garbage into the environment by polishing your concrete foundation. No epoxies or resins are needed for the procedure, and no trees need to be felled. Because it is sourced and blended locally, it also has a small environmental footprint.

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Because of its thermal bulk and heat-retention capabilities, it is a great energy-saving option. Concrete moderates temperature swings within by holding onto absorbed heat over extended periods of time. It is perfect for a passive solar home as well as for underfloor heating.

Fantastic light-reflective qualities can be found in polished concrete. Any natural or artificial light will reflect off of a polished concrete floor, adding beauty and lowering your lighting costs.

The polished concrete looks lovely!

Polished concrete’s stunning beauty is, of course, the primary factor in its popularity as a floor. To expose the varied aggregate (stones) in your concrete, you might opt to grind down deeply into the slab, depending on your preferences. A matt or extremely shiny surface can then be achieved using this. The first grind may be shallower in this case, exposing less aggregate, and the concrete is polished to the required gloss if you prefer the more monotone appearance of concrete.


When it comes to floor surfaces, the durability of concrete is unmatched. The lifespan of your building will be extended by a polished concrete floor. Its low maintenance requirements are a tremendous additional benefit. To keep its lustre, all that is necessary is routine mopping with a pH-neutral soap and a fast buff. No repeated stripping, re-varnishing, or re-polishing is necessary. In comparison to other surfaces, overall maintenance is really 60% less. Additionally, as there are no grout joints or spaces between the timber boards, dirt and dust are not attracted to them.

Cost of polished concrete flooring

Therefore, you must determine the cost now that you are certain that your project needs a polished concrete floor. The two topics to be covered are the actual polishing and the prepping of the concrete.

What type of concrete, first things first?

The price of your concrete should be your first priority. In reality, this expense must be taken into account when discussing any new construction. However, if you want to polish your concrete slab, you need to be a little more picky about the concrete mix and how thoroughly it is poured, which could increase the cost of your foundation a little. It is crucial that you get it right because this will ultimately be your finished floor.

In general, we suggest delegating this part of the task to someone with knowledge of ordering and pouring polished concrete.

It is crucial to specify the appropriate size and proportion of aggregate in your cement when ordering the concrete. At least three different aggregate sizes—fine, intermediate, and large—should be present in your mix. Inadequate aggregate gradation might cause the mix to segregate, producing sand-filled spots in the finished floor.

Additionally, it’s crucial to employ polypropylene fibres in place of any mesh fibres in the mixture. This lessens the risk of cracking. Mesh fibres may also corrode and become visible in your final floor.

Getting ready the concrete

To make guarantee you obtain the greatest finish for your floor, there are a few guidelines to follow when the cement comes on site. We would urge you to have the professionals on hand because there is a little more labour required here than with a typical pour.

polished concrete flooring home 2

To make cement float more freely, you cannot add water because doing so could cause shrinkage, which could result in cracks. Your concrete should be floated all the way to the edges; if this is done correctly, you won’t need to install skirting boards. This will give you a lovely, smooth finish where your floor meets your wall.

Maintain the least amount of handling and manipulation of the concrete. Vibration and excessive handling can also lead to segregation. Verify that the concrete has not been pushed or tamped into place. After the floor has been poured, your supplier must never shake cement or sand again to avoid leaving visible footprints on the final surface.

In order to help the concrete’s natural fractures spread, you must power float your floor and make cuts every 36m2.

For a professional to supply and pour your concrete floor, you should budget €55 to €65 as a general range. The price declines as the surface area increases.

A minimum of 4 weeks must pass after the concrete has been laid before it may be used. Overly rapid drying can cause cracking. The concrete must be kept cold, dry, and shielded from the wind throughout the initial drying out process. Before pouring the concrete, it is preferable to make sure the windows and roof are installed.

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