Living room with a greige color on the walls

Living room with a greige color on the walls

Greige (aka gray-beige) paint colors tend to be warmer than gray paint colors, yet reflect natural light better than beige walls. With just a hint of gray-beige, you achieve an elegantly neutral color for your space, just like in this beautiful Swedish home. Especially lighter shades of greige are a great alternative to plain white walls, yet a darker greige wall color with brown undertones just like in this bedroom can add a lot of character as well.

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A greige wall color in a beautiful living room with a black sofa and light floors

Gray-beige, aka greige in a living room with lots of natural light

The warm undertones in this greige wall color make the living room windows, door frames, white trim, and heating covers stand out in a lovely way. The elegant greige paint color is combined with a contrasting dark gray sofa for a slightly dramatic look.

The sofa is the darkest color in the space, as the rest of the furniture and soft furnishings were chosen in a beige, white, and natural palette. The white trim and the off-white fireplace are the lightest color in the space.

How can I find the perfect greige paint color for my home?

Greige, or gray beige, is a bit more complicated to get right in your home as the daylight your room is getting can have such an impact on the way the undertones come out. Warm undertones will be highlighted in a space that receives an abundance of daylight, while a west-facing room will bring out the cool undertones in the greige color scheme.

Make sure to sample the paint color (always do this, but especially with more complex color swatches this is necessary) in the room and take a look at it during different times of the day. Paint samples work so much better than swatches to get an idea of the effect of the paint color in your room.

Go for a light color of greige paint when you want a subtle effect in the room, or go for a darker shade when you want a more moody effect. When unsure, you can always go for an accent wall, which is great to get a first feeling before painting the whole room.

Best greige paint colors to give a try

Elephant’s breath from Farrow and Ball* is a warm gray with a hint of magenta. While it will seem almost lilac in the cold light of west-facing rooms, in rooms that receive warm daylight this is a warm gray paint color that is so much more sophisticated than beige walls.

Drop Cloth from Farrow & Ball* is a gray-beige wall color with yellow undertones and stands in perfect contrast with lighter finishings like white trim, similar to what was achieved in this living room.

A grey kitchen with white metro tiles

Rather than going for gray walls in the kitchen, it was kept white to enhance the daylight coming in from the windows. The gray kitchen cabinets combined with the white metro tiles fit well in the space and complement the gray beige walls in the living room.

A round gray dining table with warm wood tones in the chairs

The gray round dining table has cooler undertones, which contrast very nicely with the warm tones in the wooden dining chairs. At the same time, the green plants in the kitchen add a fresh touch to the space. It’s accent colors like these that elevate a gray-beige color palette.

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