Maintaining and Taking Care of Your Skylights

Skylights at any home are installed for great usabilities such as to let in more fresh air and natural light. They could be easily maintained. Timely care and cleaning can make sure that the skylights work efficiently and hold up properly over time. However, the cleaning process is easy and could be done by anyone with a glass cleaner and a step ladder.

Maintaining and Taking Care of Your Skylights

How Often Do Skylights Need Cleaning?

If you are looking for an ideal cleaning routine, a mere cleaning twice a year would eliminate the dust or dirt accumulation which would make the skylight work efficiently. It should be noted that the skylights should be inspected every year to make sure that the seal is fine and all the parts are working efficiently without any noise or issues. You could inspect and clean the skylights in your house all by yourself. However, if you save the hassle and climb the ladder up and then down, you should be a professional cleaner! If you are looking to buy skylights in Melbourne, the prices would be reasonable and if you hire a professional to install or for routine maintenance, it would cost you money but would be worth it as the professional would know how to handle issues and rectify any existing issues during installation or maintenance.

Cleaning Skylights

Cleaning the Skylights Melbourne prices is a simple process. When it rains, it would naturally remove the dirt from the exterior of the skylight. However, the skylight should be inspected during frequent intervals to check for the build-up of debris. Cleaning the interior of the skylights could be easier if you follow six steps.

  • Grab a sturdy stool or ladder to reach the skylight. Avoid standing or balancing on chairs or other furniture to clean the skylight. Also, make sure that the ladder or stool is placed on an even surface
  • In a bucket of warm water, add a mild cleaning solution. You could use a glass cleaning solution or even mix one cup of rubbing alcohol with little ammonia that is well-diluted. Avoid combining the solution with other cleaning chemicals
  • Spray the window with soap and water. Let it soak and loosen the hard and deposited dust and debris. Make use of a cloth and wipe the dirt off the window
  • You could make use of a cleaning cloth and warm water (without the cleaning solution) and wipe the window to eliminate the debris and cleaner
  • With a squeegee, make overlapping and even paths. Wipe the squeegee clean at regular intervals
  • Dust and wipe the interior frames with a clean cloth, preferably of microfiber material

 To avoid or limit the chances of streaks, you should avoid cleaning your skylights Melbourne when the sun shines directly through the window. If there is a screen on your sunlight, remove it and spray with water to eliminate dirt. Dry it completely and then re-attach later. If you come across difficult spots while cleaning like tree sap or paint, you could make use of a razor blade to gently remove them. Avoid making use of abrasive cleaners to clean as they could damage the glazing of a skylight.

However, if you are unable to clean the skylight by yourself, you could always opt for professional help. They are well-experienced and can complete regular maintenance within a fixed timeframe.

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