The best interior design TikTokers to follow for all your home inspo

Photo credit: @houseofhipstersblog - Instagram

Photo credit: @houseofhipstersblog – Instagram

Given the challenges of the past year or so – hello successive lockdowns and long stints working from home – we’re all too familiar with the sight of our own four walls. However, with restrictions significantly easing, it’s time to fall back in love with our living space. And TikTok, as ever, is on hand to show us how.

TikTok is the one social media app where ‘doom-scrolling‘ isn’t really a thing (unless you’ve discovered that woman who makes dinner in her toilet). It’s a hub of interior design inspo, with swathes of home influencers offering everything from genius storage space hacks and essential DIY tips, to expertise in the latest decoration and interior design trends.

So, whether you’re looking to create a perfect gallery wall, wondering how to style a small living room, or simply fancy a nosey at celebrities’ ridiculous pads, these are the best interior design accounts that TikTok has to offer. Consider your space *elevated*.


Struggling to revamp a rented property? Say no to bobbly ceilings with Kyla Herbes: the lifestyle and interior design blogger behind House of Hipsters. A favourite with #DecorTok, Kyla is known for jazzing up lacklustre spaces with vintage finds, innovative lighting solutions, and – our favourite interior design trend – faux flowers.


Managed by Ariel Magidson, a 25-year-old with her own interior design business, Ariel Arts has nearly 300K followers on TikTok. Ariel’s accessible approach to interior design empowers everyone (including those intimidated by wallpapering) to inject a dose of individuality into their living space. She also has a hack for pretty much everything: from how to create a unique colour palette, to making use of the empty wall above your toilet.


With a cool 1.3 million followers on TikTok, Annika Hinds’ interior design account, Blondesigns, is already a firm favourite with decor devotees. Great for those on a tight budget, Annika’s account focuses on renter friendly DIY, thrifty furniture restorations, and storage hacks to make even Marie Kondo beam with pride. What are you waiting for? Make like Macklemore and head to the thrift shop (a charity shop to you and me) at once.


Working in finance by day and interior design by night, Galey Alix already has 2.8 million followers on TikTok. Her account, GaleyAlix, specialises in surprising people with her one weekend home renovations, and they’re so good that people often cry (in a good way) at the results. While our own home makeovers may take a little longer, Galey’s wholesome videos have all the inspo to get you through any mid-painting-meltdown.


From satisfying fridge organisation tips, to creating the coffee station of your dreams, Farah Merhi’s interior design account – FarahMerhi – contains all you need to impress even the nosiest of Come Dine With Me guests. Farah is also the CEO of Inspire Me! Home Decor, which is a great place to start if you’re looking for quirky, one-off pieces to add a bit of charm to your humble abode.


Need a helping hand to visualise your future palace? Get ahead with Chloe’s Design: an account brimming with vids, which demystify the planning process for creating an ergonomic space without compromising on cute aesthetics. With plenty of ideas for every room in the house (including hallways!), it’s no wonder this account already has over six million likes.


The unofficial ‘CEO of celebrity homes’, Samir has a reputation for dragging celebrity houses, and honesty? We’re so here for it. His highlights include calling Leonardo DiCaprio‘s kitchen lamp “unhinged”, criticising Chrishell Stause‘s bathroom mirror for not being “short king friendly,” and comparing Kourtney Kardashian‘s front door to a cheese grater. If (and when) you get famous and find yourself in a position to buy a Los Angeles pad, this account is required viewing.

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