Types Of Rugs: Which Rug Material Is Best for You?

Types Of Rugs: Which Rug Material Is Best for You?

Rugs can be playful, functional, serve to fill a space with style, or add comfort to any room. In your quest to find the perfect rug you may have come across several different materials, but which one is the best for your home?

As a good starting point and before making a rug purchase, it helps to have an idea of what you want to use the rug for. You should consider the amount of foot traffic the space will get, and if your home has pets or children. Budget, current interior design, and preference play a significant role in the decision-making process as well.


Which type of rug is best for you? We invite you to find out below.

Types Of Rugs

Silk Rugs

Types Of Rugs: Which Rug Material Is Best for You?

Silk rugs are exquisite and lend a feeling of luxury to the bedroom or private space in your home. They may be strong and durable, but shouldn’t be placed in areas where water or moisture are present. That said, silk rugs are best for low-traffic areas and where you need an outstanding piece to tie the room together.

Image: Hand Knotted Tabriz Isfahan Vintage Oriental Silk Rug

Cotton Rugs

Types Of Rugs: Which Rug Material Is Best for You?

Cotton is the preferred type of rug for quick-change design sceneries. They’re widely available and come at a great price, too. You’d often see cotton rugs in bathroom entrances, kitchens, and places that do not get direct sunlight.

Cotton rugs are fairly common around the house, and more often than not they’re quickly replaced once they wear out. This type of rug can be combined with bigger pads or runners so people will have something comfortable to step on. As for wear and tear, you may need to replace your rugs once or twice a year depending on the quality and thickness.

Image: Well Woven

Jute and Bamboo Rugs

Types Of Rugs: Which Rug Material Is Best for You?

Jute and bamboo rugs have that coarse, spa-like texture when you step into them barefoot. Children might not like them, and pets with claws have a tendency to roughen up or damage the weave when they get entangled, but they’re great if you want to add an organic element to a room. You can combine the neutral beige color of the rug with vibrant patterns to achieve an interesting visual balance.

Image: nuLOOM Daniela Farmhouse Chunky Jute Area Rug, 3′ x 5′

Leather, Hide and Sheepskin Rugs

Leather and hide have that undeniable masculine effect and when you’re aiming to capture a rustic theme. Hides often have short and soft hair, while sheepskin is long, plush, and super fluffy (your children and pets will love them!)

Faux Fur and Faux Hide Rugs

Types Of Rugs: Which Rug Material Is Best for You?

Faux Fur, or imitation fur offers the same style benefits as real fur without the guilt that comes with one. Plus, they come to your home already odorless and ready. However, since they’re largely made from synthetic materials faux hide rugs generally don’t last as long as their authentic counterparts. Those who often switch things up can make the most of the rug’s short-lived but punchy design effect.

Image:  Modern faux silver hide

Polypropylene Rugs

Types Of Rugs: Which Rug Material Is Best for You?

If you don’t like wool because it’s too expensive, then you should opt to get a polypropylene rug. They have nearly the same characteristics albeit at a more affordable price tag. You’ll love the fact that polypropylene rugs are durable and easy to clean, and how they can make a modern space or patio feel extremely cozy.

Image: Beige Artistic Moroccan Polypropylene Rug

Microfiber and Polyester Rugs

Types Of Rugs: Which Rug Material Is Best for You?

Microfiber and its close cousin polyester are excellent alternatives to natural fiber rugs. Polyesters provide good support for high-intensity exercise and movement. When things get messy and you spill some coffee or juice, all it takes is a quick spot cleaning and you can resume your daily activities.

Image: Navy Polyester Rug for living room

Vinyl Linoleum Rugs

Types Of Rugs: Which Rug Material Is Best for You?

Vinyl linoleum is usually delegated to flooring options, but as it turns out, they make great rug options, too! You can lay vinyl linoleum as a carpet runner, or in place of a welcome mat at the home entrance. Its color is unmatched, and this type of rug can be easily replaced when they’re all worn out.

Image: Portuguese Pavement Vinyl Mat

What Kind of Rugs are Machine Washable?

Types Of Rugs: Which Rug Material Is Best for You?

Knowing if a rug is machine washable can help prevent an irreversible disaster.

As it stands, most cotton area rugs are machine washable, as are sheepskin rugs that have leather pelt backing. Faux fur and faux hides can be thrown in the washing machine for a quick cleaning.

You’ll be happy to know that polypropylene, polyester, and microfiber rugs are all machine-washable as well.

Washable Rugs: The Pros and Cons

Image: nuLOOM Eleanor Machine Washable Distressed Medallion Area Rug, 4′ x 6′

Conclusion – Which Rug Material is Best For You?

To determine which type of rug is best for your space, you will need to consider the visual effect you want to impart, as well as the rug’s function and maintenance. You wouldn’t want to ruin an exquisite rug because of careless spills and mud tracks, so take a careful look at each material as you make your rug decision.

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