What Are the Different Types of Boat Propeller?

Propellers are classified by construction – the material from which they’re made, such as aluminum or stainless steel – and design. Pleasure boat propellers can be divided into six general categories: primary aluminum, bare stainless steel, high-reverse thrust, cleaver-style, chopper-style, and other high-performance stainless steel propellers.

General Propeller Blade Types

Propellers look distinctive due to the shape of their blades, but there are only three basic blade types in total.


The conventional, or round-eared blade type, is seen on most propellers. It has a rounded contour with a slight sweep back or skew and may come in various shapes depending on the type and application of the propeller. They are generally designed to run fully submerged but capable of slightly surface running with light loads in some instances.


Propellers vary in their degree of weed-lessness. Most propellers feature some degree of weed-lessness built-in. Still, the blade type most suited for weedless operation is a rounded blade with a high degree of skew – that is, its leading edge is swept back to an extreme angle, leaving no weed-snagging projections.


“Cleaver” has been the name given for years to propeller blades whose trailing edges are cut on a straight line, commonly on a rake line. This blade shape often resembles a wedge; its leading edge is thin and sharp, while the trailing edge forms the thickest point along a pitch line. This style works best in elevated engine installations, which enable the propeller blades to break the water surface (called surfacing).
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