G-Promise High Pressure Shower Head Review 2019

G-Promise High Pressure Shower Head Review 2019

G-Promise High Pressure Shower Head

Coming house right after spending a working day out, regardless of whether you are on the area position or have long gone out on the weekend to devote time with your family members or friends, all you want to do the 1st issue right after finding property is to have a great shower. 

The G-Promise Superior-Strain Shower Head 6 by G-Assure provides a refreshing bathing encounter you will feel appreciably relieved of your tiredness. 

The 6 functions of the showerhead, a few variations of Rainfall, namely Rainfall + round therapeutic massage, Rainfall + electric power therapeutic massage, rainfall, Round massage, electricity massage, and to save h2o the trickle mode presents a stress-free bathing experience and also can help you help save on water bill with its special options of leak proof. 

You will be pleasantly astonished that this force head can also act as a spray to therapeutic massage your human body now, you can have your exclusive spa just about every day.

If you are the style of person who functions by the clock, then this shower head can deliver more than enough tension for you to entire your showering in very little time whilst having fun with your bathtub far too.

This shower head comes with an improved arm mount shower development to guidance rotation to hold the head secure. In addition, the exclusive development of the bracket holder of reliable brass ensures balance and sturdiness for numerous several years.

The excellent high quality of construction of this shower head signifies goodbye to water leakages.
To increase the elegance of your rest room, the shower head comes with a chrome finish which adds sparkle to your bathroom fitting.

The 360 degrees stretchable, versatile hose, the outer tubing manufactured of stainless steel and chrome-plated comes with a double lock and extends up to 75″ presents you the luxurious of either sitting or standing absent from the shower joint and experience a broader shower vary.

Now you can very easily shower your pet or your kid or even spray clean your washroom with its special 75” long versatile hose. If you want to raise the water tension, the kit comes with a specifically made metallic crochet to remove the drinking water restrictor.

The shower head will come with an illustrated manual, Teflon tape. You do not require the providers of a experienced plumber to install this shower head you could do this you in a make a difference of few minutes, thus conserving you a couple treasured dollars.

This high quality shower head arrives with the manufacturer’s 10-calendar year guarantee, which suggests that any defect in the product’s working, you have the alternative of returning it to the company.


This brushed nickel shower head and arm manufactured out of stable brass with six diverse spray options and an further-prolonged 75” stainless metal hose is a value buy that will give you several decades of a enjoyable bathing and washing encounter.

Table of Contents


  • Solid brass shower arm mount
  • Nickel-plated 4.5” shower head
  • Super adaptable 75” stainless metal hose


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