Piasecki Funeral Home’s expansion plans on 39th Ave. receive preliminary approval | Local News

Piasecki Funeral Home’s expansion plans on 39th Ave. receive preliminary approval | Local News

Piasecki carriage house

Located about two blocks south of its primary location on 39th Avenue, Piasecki Funeral Home hopes to build a combination carriage house and funeral planning building at 39th and Washington Road. An initial public hearing on the project was held Thursday by the city Plan Commission. A second, and final, review for the plans is anticipated in Ma

Rex Davenport

Piasecki Funeral Home is one step closer to expanding its presence on 39th Avenue in Kenosha, following a preliminary approval from the city Plan Commission.

Piasecki plans to build a new 6,330 square-foot building, described as a “carriage house,” on company-owned land on the southwest corner of 39th Avenue and Washington Road, about two blocks from the funeral home’s primary location at 3720 39th Ave.

Kenosha-based Partners in Design Architects has been retained for the expansion project. Mark Molinaro Jr., principal with the firm, said the decision to construct the new facility came after the sale of Piasecki’s original funeral parlor, 2002 52nd St., which is being converted to a salon.

“This is a piece of property that the Piasecki group has owned for quite some time and has had plans to put a building on this property,” Molinaro said of the new project.

The venue is expected to house the company’s fleet of funeral procession vehicles, in addition to about 3,200 square feet of office space. Additionally, plans call for making space available for grief counseling services for clients and families.

Matthew Martin, who joined Piasecki last year as a co-owner and partner, said the new facility would provide for a more efficient operation.

“We’ve been spread across the city the past few years, having our funeral procession vehicles stored in various places and having our grief counseling conducted in various places,” Martin said. “It’s going to be good for our families and the efficiency of our building.”