This $4.3 million renovated mid-century home in Ann Arbor is a stunning blank slate

If you like mid-century modern design but want to feel like Chrissy Teigen sans her army of social media trolls, look no further than this immaculately renovated mid-century home in Ann Arbor that just hit the market for $4.3 million smackeroos.

From the outside, you can likely tell that this 5 bedroom, 6.5 bathroom, 7,310 square foot home was built in 1950 (sleek lines, flat roof, lots of windows) but once inside, you’ll be like, “Holy shit, am I on MTV Cribs? Does Kelly Clarkton live here?” The answer to both of those is a resounding “no,” but, per the listing, this “unparalleled masterpiece” is “one of the most desirable properties in all of Ann Arbor.” Cue “A Moment Like This”!

Described as being “artfully secluded on over two private acres covered in pristine modern landscape and a natural creek border” this home has been masterfully renovated while maintaining its architectural integrity. We’re talking windows, baby. Lots of windows, which means lots of light which means you can tell your lingering S.A.D. to take a hike! Not unlike Jurassic Park, no expense has been spared. Cue Dr. Ian Malcom aka Jeff Goldblum’s helicopter Jurassic Park laugh!

In addition to a kitchen that would literally make Gordan Ramsey fully-torqued (seriously, so beautiful), the home also offers stunning views, a media room, steam shower, dry sauna, home gym, a dog bath (you heard us) and something called a “control4 smart home” which allows you to do everything from change the home’s temp, play music, lower the shades, and peep on what’s happening in and around your house. Cue the classic Disney original movie Smart House at which point you’ll get “The House is Jumping” song in your head.

Anyway, this house is perfect for minimalists, maximalists (you can fit a lot of shit in 7,000 square foot), and anyone with a few million to burn. After all, celebrities — they’re just like us (just with more money, better skin/bodies/clothes, and ominous ties to Scientology).

This home is listed by Lisa Stelter of Reinhart Realtors

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