Picture of a living room with chequered floor and pink sofa

Chequered elements to incorporate in your home’s design

Picture of a living room with chequered floor and pink sofa

Should chequered patterns be on your interior design checklist? Among other bold and maximalist design trends, the most popular of which you can find in our Trends Report, chequered elements are a favourite in online home design communities.

Chequered tiles, wallpaper, kitchens, bathrooms and much more are being liked, shared and recreated in homes around the UK. This is because chequered patterns are bold, adaptable and modern, taking shape both on statement cushions and statement walls. So, whether you use the British spelling of chequered or the American checkered, it’s definitely a design feature you should be considering for your home.

Let’s explore some popular ways chequered patterns are used in home design!

Chequered wallpaper designs

Picture of chequered wallpaper in a bathroom with a mirror

Wallpaper has always been an affordable and easy way to add personality to a room. Chequered wallpaper is no exception! Whether you’re using it to create a statement wall or to cover the whole room, your interior design finish will be modern and stylish with chequered wallpaper.

Choose the colours that best suit your tastes and preferences. For a softer look, go for a grey geometric wallpaper. If you’re feeling bold, go for a pink and white chequered style. This design choice is flexible in terms of budget too. There are a huge range of options available, from off-the-shelf options to bespoke wallpaper.

Whatever wallpaper you decide on, it’s so much easier to have someone else put it up for you, especially when it’s a pattern that needs to be lined up. Post a job on Rated People, and get a professional to take care of it for you.


Featured chequered floor tiles

Picture of a room with chequered floor tiles

Floor tiles are perfect for chequered patterns as tiles work best when arranged in contrasting colours. Choose the material for your geometric floor tiles from terrazzo, stone, ceramics, marble or porcelain, then decide on your colour palette. Keep your geometric tile pattern classic with a black and white colour scheme. Or go monochromatic and use various tones of one colour. Depending on the rest of your room’s design, you could go bold and colourful too.

What impact do you want to make with your chequered floor tiles? They could complement chequered elements elsewhere in the room, or they could be the star of the show and be your statement piece in that space. Once you’ve decided, a professional tiler can help you turn your ideas into reality!


Getting started with chequered elements

Picture of a bedroom with chequered design

While chequered patterns can seem a bit intimidating, you can make chequered interior design your own by choosing a colour palette and design feature that fits your style. From geometric soft furnishings to chequered bathroom design features, there are so many different ways to replicate this trend in your own space.

If you’d like help turning online inspiration into interior design reality, post your project on Rated People and find professional tradespeople to complete your home improvement for you.


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