Here’s How To Decorate Your Home-Based on What You Wear (or Would If You Could)

Think your home needs more style, but aren’t sure what to do? The problem may merely be that you haven’t found exactly which style of decor speaks to you.

From midcentury modern to maximalism to modern farmhouse, home design styles abound, but it’s not always easy to know which camp you fall into. Here’s one easy way to tell: Check what you’re wearing—or what you would wear if you had tons of cash to burn and swanky soirees on your schedule where you could flaunt your fancy duds.

Whether you gravitate toward Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Betsey Johnson, or others, there’s often a link between your favorite fashion apparel and the type of home you’d hope to have. So if you’re considering a rehab, turn to your closet for clues.

“They always say that if you wouldn’t wear it, you won’t put it in your living room,” points out Liz Caan of the eponymous design firm in Newton, MA. In fact, Caan sees a lot of correlation between home interiors and the personal fashion styles of her clients’ wardrobes.

“Peeking into clients’ closets for a sense of their style is actually an old designer trick, because what we wear every day tends to reflect how we see ourselves and how we want to live,” adds Michael Boodro, veteran editor and host of The Chairish Podcast.

Ready to find your home design doppelgänger? Check out these seven fashion icons and see if you recognize an interior look that matches your clothing.

If you wear Calvin Klein…

Nothing says sleek and stylish like a Calvin Klein suit

Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images

… your design style is minimalism

Photo by Dwell Candy

“A closet full of Calvin Klein or Comme des Garçons fits a person who wants to live in a pared down, modernist, and monochromatic home,” says Boodro.

Look for functional pieces and minimal (or no) trim on streamlined furniture if you’re leaning toward this type of room. And lucky you, Calvin Klein also has a home decor line to make your decision-making even easier.

If you love Ralph Lauren…

Ralph Lauren’s all-American patriotism is on display.

Pietro D’aprano/FilmMagic

… your design style is country or modern farmhouse

Photo by Anthony Baratta LLC

There’s a reason Ralph Lauren was tapped to design the USA’s Olympic uniforms—he’s the master of American style, and his look dovetails nicely with classic country and modern farmhouse decor. Homeowners who have this designer’s tweeds and menswear flannels in their closets might like the same patterns throughout the home, as well as Georgian furniture, notes Boodro.

If you adore Dolce & Gabbana…

Eye-popping prints are this designer’s hallmark.

Victor VIRGILE/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

… your design style is maximalism

Photo by Tracy Stern 

Dolce & Gabbana is famed for its bold, colorful look—and in a home, this translates to a maximalist style. Embrace over-the-top textures, fabulous wallpaper, and animal prints.

Caan adds, “I’m personally a maximalist, because I gravitate toward bright colors, pattern on pattern, and the unexpected.”

If you covet Lilly Pulitzer…

Neon tropical motifs are a literal ray of sunshine.

Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Pottery Barn Brands

… your design style is Palm Beach

Photo by Warner York Design

Wearing your Lilly to lunch with the ladies means you’ve never met a shade of pink you didn’t adore—and quite possibly that your dog has a coat that matches the zebra print on your sheath. Palm Beach chic is equal parts wild colors and animal patterns, plus a touch of natural bamboo and rattan, all on a stark white background.

Looking for other home decor ideas in this category? The midcentury style also comes to mind, as does the Palm Springs glam of Jonathan Adler‘s decor, notes Boodro.

If you wear Betsey Johnson…

Free spirits, look no further! Wild and wacky suits your rooms.

Gary Gershoff/WireImage

… your design style is boho

Photo by Irra Ariella

“Homeowners who wear Betsey Johnson or Anna Sui probably lean toward a layered, bohemian style, which is full of funky color and patterns,” says Boodro.

Boho lovers may collect textiles from Turkey, tile from Italy, and case goods from Morocco. Macrame hangs on the walls, and eclectic light fixtures and tabletop accessories might dot the shelves.

If you like Chanel…

Is your fashion style soft and feminine? Channel some Chanel.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

… your design style is traditional and timeless

Photo by Everything Home 

“If you own a Chanel bag or suit, more traditional, timeless home design is for you,” notes Carly Moeller, an interior designer and owner of Unpatterned.

Simple yet elegant, like Coco Chanel herself, a traditional home often sports classic brown furniture, understated upholstery, built-in cabinets, and quiet accessories.

If you dig Rodarte…

Bring flowing, floral touches to your decor.

Victor VIRGILE/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

… your design style is ‘grandmillennial’

Photo by Dewson Construction Company 

Dreamy romance is the hallmark of designs by Rodarte and Oscar de la Renta, so look to the traditional details like chintz and pale pastels that many interior designers are embracing right now, suggests Boodro.

This affection for old-fashioned patterns, scalloped edges, chinoiserie, and brown furniture also defines the latest decor craze known as “grandmillennial” style. For help with your room redo, check out your granny’s attic for inspiration.

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