How to install all types of flue liner like a pro – A DIY Guide

Saving money is on the minds of many people these days. Doing many home maintenance tasks yourself instead of hiring someone else would save you money. A lot of contractors charge their customers by the hour for their work, and most of these jobs take a lot of time to complete. It may be possible for you to handle specific tasks on your own if you are pretty handy and can do some research. One of the most significant projects most homeowners try to tackle themselves is installing a flue liner. You can follow the below guide to install all types of flue liner.

Safety First

There are dangers involved in this job, and its results can significantly impact your safety. This is why you should have a decent level of confidence in your ability before you take on a chimney project. There is no chance that the worst thing will happen when laying tiles, where the worst that can happen is some tiles will be crooked. It’s possible for dangerous gases to leak into your home or a fire to start if the liner is not installed correctly. You shouldn’t start with this project if you’ve never worked on home improvement projects before. If you’re knowledgeable about what you’re doing, you can certainly save some money here.

Buy the right liner

When it comes to getting this right, research is crucial. Don’t just go to the local home improvement store and buy whatever liner you find. Make sure you read the directions on the box to ensure you get what you need. You should do some research before jumping into this. Prior to purchasing the chimney liner, you need to take measurements of the opening at both ends of the chimney. In addition, you might want to watch some online videos on liner installation so that you can gain some insight into what the job involves. There are three types of flue liner so you should buy only the one which is suitable for your fireplace. 

Ask your friend for help

If you have selected a day to take on this task, you should consider enlisting a few friends to assist. For most people, installing the liner involves assembling it outside of the chimney first and then carefully inserting it inside. Due to the length and fragility of these liners, you will need as many people as possible to transport them. You may find it easier to find someone who has done something similar before to help you. Prepare to start early so that you do not have to wait until the job is completed. It’s definitely not a good idea to climb up on your roof at night.

Call Professional for inspection

Having a professional inspect the liner after installation may be a good idea. The cost of installing it is not nearly as high as it would be if someone did it for you. A property inspector can check that all is in order and alert you to any possible problems they see. If you do this work for a fraction of the price of having an expert complete the entire job, you can rest assured that your work will not cause a fire.

It takes a bit of time to install chimney liners, but you can do it yourself if you plan in advance. It’s crucial that the chimney lining is installed properly before using the fireplace, so stop using it until you have it done.

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