December 2, 2021


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Immediate Garage Door Repairs in Beaverton and Their Costs

Immediate Garage Door Repairs in Beaverton and Their Costs

Immediate Garage Door Repairs in Beaverton and Their Costs

When your garage door renders itself useless or unreliable, it may be time for an immediate garage door repair in Beaverton.  Your busy schedule might prevent you from assessing the damages on your garage door yourself, much less worrying about how you can fix it.

Whether your garage door does not open properly, or parts of it are broken, or some of its components need repair or replacing, you can always get an immediate fix from the experts that’s well within your budget.  What are the common garage door repairs in Beaverton and what can you expect to pay?

Common Garage Door Problems

Make sure that as a homeowner, you know the basic garage door maintenance and understand the different types of common garage door problems and how you can diagnose them.  Knowing how much repairs to garage doors cost will also save you from spending more than you should.

  • Broken Springs

There are garage door spring repairs in Beaverton that can address this common garage door problem.  A garage door spring replacement is a job that you should let the professionals do for you because it can be very dangerous if you are not sure how to do it yourself.

The springs of a garage door are under a tremendous amount of tension and if they are not handled properly, it can cause serious injuries.

Keep this in mind:  the standard recommendation in garage door repair in Beaverton when it comes to replacing garage door springs is to leave it to the professionals.

The cost of having one torsion spring replaced is $140 to $155 and $220-$240 for two torsion spring-replacements while one extension spring replacement costs $30 and $130-$150 to replace two extension springs.

  • Broken Cables

Cables can break due to normal wear and tear when they weaken and fray.  A good indicator that your garage door cable needs a garage door repair in Beaverton is when your garage door is hanging at an odd angle or it gets stuck halfway when you are opening or closing it.

A broken cable repair needs appropriate tools and adequate knowledge to prevent the door from falling.  Hiring a professional to repair snapped garage door cables will pay off in the long run.

The total amount you would expect to spend on replacing cables is between $90 to $115, the materials and the service or installation fee included.

  • Faulty Garage Door Opener

You can get stuck outside or inside your garage when your garage door ceases to work.  It will be a big problem you have to deal with right away with a garage door repair in Beaverton when you’re stuck outside during a rain or snow storm or inside when you are rushing to go to work.  Here are the four most common problems that arise with a faulty garage opener:

  • The remote control or wall switch does not work because the motor is unplugged or the circuit breaker, fuse, or the outlet powering the door opener has tripped or burned out.

  • The garage door does not respond to the remote or keypad when you are out of the range of the antenna, the battery needs replacing, or the programming needs to be reset.

  • The garage door reverses immediately after touching the floor when there is a close-limit switch problem.  You can solve this problem by adjusting the close-limit adjustment screw on the door opener motor in small increments until the door stops when it touches the floor.
  • The garage door does not close completely because of either of these causes:

  • The close-limit switch may need adjusting
  • The safety sensor may need adjustment or realignment
  • The rollers are rusted or damaged

The average cost to repair a garage door opener is $218 depending on the type of opener and repairs.  Most homeowners spend from $112 to $325.  A new remote will cost you about $30 and a faulty wiring fix will likely be at least $100.

Hiring a Professional for a Garage Door Repair in Beaverton

Attempts at do-it-yourself garage door repairs without the proper knowledge and tools can cause injury and property damage in several different ways.  Dealing with the common garage door problems is better left to the professionals to avoid the many garage door repair related injuries.  Hiring a professional who is specially trained for the job of a garage door repair in Beaverton will be a safer and more cost-effective option.