Making a Crowded Laundry Room Functional and Stylish

Making a Crowded Laundry Room Functional and Stylish

We’re encouraging a pair who are not strangers to do-it-you jobs.  

Matt and Lindsey Binion purchased their mid-1950s residence in the midtown area of Mobile, Ala., a several many years back and have been chaotic building it their very own at any time due to the fact. 

Following entirely renovating their kitchen because of a h2o leak, they set up their old kitchen area cabinets in the laundry room to give it a bit of a facelift. On the other hand, its overall seem and performance require some improvement. So, we’re right here to support!

The Projects

The new cabinet configuration is effective with the room as a substitute of against it. (3 Echoes Content material Studio)

Rearrange the Cupboards

Matt and Lindsey ended up on the proper path when they repurposed the previous kitchen area cupboards for storage, but their configuration just was not performing for the room. 

Right before, the cabinets were crowded and looked mismatched. (3 Echoes Information Studio)

There were huge gaps involving the cupboards and the walls, and goods finished up getting put all around. The place was handled extra like an indoor garage than a laundry room.

So, we reposition them and take out some to create storage that can make sense for what the couple required from it. 

Then we sand, primary and paint the cabinets a fresh new new colour.

Glacier Bay Utility Sink in laundry room
Lindsay will not have to clean dresses in the kitchen area sink now that she has a utility sink in the laundry place. (3 Echoes Material Studio)

Incorporate a Utility Sink

In a property with four boys, a laundry space with a utility sink is a must. 

Lindsey has been making use of their new kitchen sink to wash their boys’ muddy garments following sporting activities procedures. And soon after handwashing, she has no place to dangle clothing to dry. 

To set up the utility sink, we initial moved the water and dryer so we could entry the plumbing. Sadly, we identified some drinking water problems guiding the wall.

A hand caps a pex line inside drywall
A SharkBite Press-to-Link Brass End Halt Fitting caps the leak in the PEX line right until the plumber arrives. (3 Echoes Written content Studio)

Unbeknownst to the few, drinking water had been dripping from the cross-joined polyethylene, or PEX, line for a few times. We quickly cap the line with a Sharkbite cap right up until the plumber arrives to set up the sink. 

A plumber uses an oscillating saw on a white PVC pipe inside drywall
Our plumber takes advantage of an oscillating noticed to cut the PVC pipe so it can be rerouted to the sink. (3 Echoes Content material Studio)

When our plumber comes, we cut a gap in the drywall so he can entry the pipes and reroute them to the location the sink will be. The plumber then operates the new drain line for the sink and extends the h2o provide lines from the spot wherever we capped the leak.

We then change the drywall all-around the new pipes and last but not least set up the laundry sink cabinet and sink. 

Close-up view of tan/gray luxury vinyl tile
The luxury vinyl tile is the same flooring in the kitchen area, so now the two rooms are connected. (3 Echoes Information Studio)

Exchange Flooring

The tile grout on the laundry area ground is coming loose, so we’re heading to replace it with some leftover luxury vinyl tile that the couple made use of in their kitchen area renovation. 

Today's Homeowner TV host Danny Lipford spray antimicrobial spray onto a water logged plywood subfloor
Luckily, we caught the h2o leak in the hex pipe just in time for us to deal with the subfloor with antimicrobial spray and enable it dry right away. (3 Echoes Written content Studio)

Right after we get rid of the tiles and backer board with a pry bar, we obtain a damp place on the subfloor the place the PEX pipe was leaking. Due to the fact we caught the water leak early, we will not have to substitute the subfloor. We use some dehumidifiers and lovers to dry it out overnight, and then take care of it with an antimicrobial spray to make absolutely sure no mildew comes up by way of the flooring.

Trowel smoothing Custom Building Products LevelQuik RS Self-Leveling Underlayment on a plywood subfloor
We use Customized Creating Products and solutions LevelQuik RS Self-Leveling Underlayment to fill in small spots and easy out the transitions. (3 Echoes Articles Studio)

To degree out the subfloor, we mix some flooring patch compound that he spreads in excess of the floor to fill in small spots and easy out the transitions. We then put in the rectangular luxurious vinyl tile extensive-techniques in the area to enhance the slender home. 

For a additional thorough seem at how to put in this luxurious vinyl tile, check out How to Simply Set up Luxury Vinyl Tile.

Laundry room cabinet with countertop and cubbies for baskets
The new cabinet has room for everyone’s laundry basket, additionally a good deal of countertop house for folding. (3 Echoes Information Studio)

Put in Counter tops and Cubbies

Matt and Lindsey made use of a piece of plywood as a makeshift countertop for the repurposed kitchen cupboards. But, the plywood wasn’t a key surface for folding laundry, so the few was compelled to pile laundry in the living place and fold them from their sofa. 

To make this counter space more practical, we initial put in 1-by-2 cleats to aid a new butcher block countertop as perfectly as a shelf unit that will organize the kids’ laundry baskets. 

Today's Homeowner TV host Danny Lipford measures a sheet of plywood
We use 3/4-inch plywood and 1×2 boards to build the cubbies for the laundry baskets. (3 Echoes Content Studio)

For our shelf unit, we lower our wooden parts on a desk saw outside and assemble them with nails and wood glue. We then connect them to the cleat we mounted following to the foundation cabinets.

Lindsey Binion brushes polyurethane onto a butcher block countertop
Polyurethane seals the butcher block countertop so it’s additional long lasting. (3 Echoes Content material Studio)

Next, Lindsey coats the butcher block with polyurethane. Right after that is dry, we install the countertop more than the shelving unit and foundation cupboards.  

We also:

  • Fixed drywall
  • Painted home new color
  • Mounted hooks in the hallway

Homeowners Matt and Lindsey Binion pose with Today's Homewner TV host Danny Lipford.
Householders Matt and Lindsey Binion pose with Danny Lipford. (3 Echoes Articles Studio)

Put up-Generation Ideas

Matt and Lindsey experienced a good-sized laundry place with heaps of storage space, but due to the fact it experienced been thrown collectively with salvage materials from an crisis kitchen area renovation, the surfaces all looked a tiny even worse for have on and the space lacked the thoughtful business and visual attractiveness they seriously needed for the place.

But now, the old recycled cupboards have a clean up new glimpse and a simplified format that is effective with the room alternatively than overpowering it. The new luxurious vinyl tile flooring has changed the aged cracked ceramic tiles and connects the place to the relaxation of the residence.

The laundry sink can make the family’s day-to-day chores simpler and much less stress filled, specially with the hanging house right earlier mentioned it and the new countertop is equally appealing and helpful for a spouse and children with loads of laundry to fold. 

Additionally. We did it all for considerably less than $2,000 in resources.

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