These Lego Creations Of Iconic Porsche Moments Are Simply Amazing

The photography is equally outstanding.

There’s no denying that coronavirus lockdowns are frustrating. However, there are bright sides to this pandemic that are worth noting. The worry and uncertainly can have a negative effect on creativity, but we’re continually seeing folks rising above that to achieve all-new levels of awesomeness. Porsche brings us a taste of that with this epic photoshoot of iconic moments in the automaker’s past recreated in Lego.

This cool photo feature is the latest in Porsche’s #GetCreativeWithPorsche series, and it features the handiwork of automotive photographer Dominic Fraser. With so many motoring-related events now canceled, Fraser took it upon himself to make his own event happen from the comfort of his own home, albeit on a much smaller scale.

Porsche Iconic Moments In Lego

Porsche Iconic Moments In Lego

“I’ve got a house full of cameras that weren’t doing anything and I found it incredibly frustrating because all I wanted to do was create something,” he explained. “Rather than doing nothing, I decided to use Lego’s Speed Champions models to try to re-create some of my favorite images from motoring history.”

Lego All The Things:

Of course, simply getting Lego Porsche kits was only one part of the challenge. He then needed to build accurate sets from a plethora of bricks without any plans, and that saga is illustrated in the photo gallery below. Fraser said it was a significant challenge to accurately create the scenes because as a photographer, one simply snaps a photo in the moment. The details aren’t really noticed, but re-creating that moment requires incredible attention and focus on features that you never paid attention to before.

We’ll say Fraser absolutely succeeded in capturing the details. From the vintage Porsche ad showing an airborne 911 Turbo to the 917K at Goodwood, the images are as impressive as they are awesome. The 919 Hybrid in the pits is exceptionally amazing with the crew members in the right place, spectators in the background, and even a fire extinguisher on the right side of the shot.

With the details set, Fraser’s second challenge was getting the photos to actually look good.

Porsche Iconic Moments In Lego

Porsche Iconic Moments In Lego

“If anything, it’s helped my photography because I’ve really had to think about the technicalities of the shot, and to visualize exactly what I’m trying to capture,” he said. “It’s been a more conceptual process than I’m used to with actual cars – in real life, you shoot much more in the moment.”

After perusing the photos and comparisons to the real-life moments – not to mention the behind-the-scenes images of how it all came together – we’ll simply say job very well done.

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