‘We Love the Same Things’

Matt Harrington for HomeGoods

JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers have been staying isolated at their new home in Dallas, Texas for months amid the coronavirus pandemic — so they couldn’t be more thankful that they finished a major makeover on the property in early March, right before the crisis began.

Fletcher, who met and got engaged to Rodgers on season 12 of The Bachelorette, teamed up with HomeGoods earlier in the year for the project. The home furnishing company helped the pair decorate the front entryway, backyard patio, guest bedroom and TV den in their new home, which they purchased together in July 2019.

“I’m so happy we were able to get these spaces done before everything sort of shut down,” Fletcher, 29, tells PEOPLE, noting that they’ve been especially enjoying their extra time soaking in the sunshine on their outdoor patio area.

“When we built our house, it was really important for us to incorporate this sort of indoor-outdoor feel,” she says. “Our patio was an empty space that we weren’t utilizing, so when I did my partnership with HomeGoods, we completely decked it out.”

Matt Harrington for HomeGoods

Matt Harrington for HomeGoods

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Now, they enjoy drinking their coffee and watching their two dogs play in the yard while sitting in “a little nook area with chairs and this awesome mosaic side table.” Beside it, a rustic wood dining table sits ready for al fresco meals and drinks — perfect for dinner parties when the world goes back to normal.

“Honestly, I love every single space that we did, but that’s the one we spend the most time in,” Fletcher says.

Though she loves spending time outdoors and getting in touch with nature, the Dallas-native concedes that she does not have a green thumb — and, in fact, most of the greenery in and around her house is realistic-looking, but plastic.

Matt Harrington for HomeGoods

“We have a couple of natural plants that we try to keep alive,” she laughs. “But I have killed a cactus, and that is not a good thing.”

A multitude of different faux trees and plants (including a couple of trendy fiddle leaf fig trees) add color and freshness to the inside of the home, helping Fletcher create the warm and welcoming atmosphere she was looking for.

“I think my personal style when it comes to building a new home or decorating is I love a bright, fresh feel in my spaces, but I never want it to feel too sterile,” she says. “I wanted it to feel clean, yet very welcoming and balanced and inviting.”

Matt Harrington for HomeGoods

Matt Harrington for HomeGoods

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In addition to using greenery, Fletcher says, “I bring in the warmth with different textiles, pillows, throws and little pops of colors.”

Throughout the house, the couple chose more neutral furnishings — like a white dresser in the bedroom, grey couch in the living room and wooden bench in the entryway — and then accessorized with pops of yellow, blue, peach and gold. They also incorporated lots of trendy rattan accessories, including woven baskets that Fletcher repurposed as wall decor.

Matt Harrington for HomeGoods

Matt Harrington for HomeGoods

“Honestly, I’m so lucky to be able to say that we pretty much agree on the aesthetics of our home,” Fletcher says of her fiancé, whom she was supposed to marry this summer before the coronavirus changed their plans. (They moved their wedding date to 2021.)

“I think when we first got together, Jordan had been a bachelor and was living with all industrial and wood things, she says. “So, it took like I think maybe six months to get him kind of away from only doing that, and then now we love the same things.”

JoJo Fletcher/Instagram

“He was actually very much more involved in the decorating process than I thought he would be,” she adds, noting that their home flipping reality show, Cash Pad, which premiered in July 2019 on CNBC, has helped both of them hone their eye for design.

“I think when we went into Cash Pad and we were designing all the different spaces, that’s when we kind of knew we had the same eye for things,” she says.

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And they’ve certainly been getting lots of practice turning a house into a home. Besides flipping numerous properties on their TV show, Fletcher and Rodgers have also moved four times in the four years that they’ve been together.

“We’ve moved every single year together,” Fletcher admits. “This house has definitely been a labor of love for us, and we foresee us being there for a little while, but you never know what life throws at you and where life takes you.”

While she can’t say this will be the space she and Rodgers will settle down in forever, she’s excited for it to be the house they will call home once they finally tie the knot.

“I don’t know if we’ve ever had a forever home, but I think that we’ll be in here for a while,” she says. “I just love new spaces and making them come to life. So I feel like, in a few years, I’m going to be like, ‘Time for a new project, here we go.’”

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